I'm an experienced software developer, always focused on code quality and good architecture(it's really important for me). I have over 12 years of experience developing web and non-web projects on PHP and .NET technology stacks. I also like open-source projects, especially write plugins for PhpStorm. I really like to see how they help developers to be more productive.



PHP — 5 and 7 versions, Laravel 5, PHPUnit, Composer, Kohana
C# — ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, Entity framework, LINQ
VCS — git, svn
DBMS — MySQL, Redis, Oracle, MSSQL
Javascript — jQuery
Paradigms — OOP, SOLID, TDD


Java — IDEA SDK, Android SDK
Javascript — React.js, Vue.js
C++ — C++ Builder, wxWidgets(long-long time ago)


Tru North Management, LLC(remote)

Created a single-page application using React.js and Google API.
Created a video streaming platform with web-based control panel.
Technologies: React.js, Google API, FFMpeg, Laravel, Nginx+RTMP

2016 - 2017


Supported a photo portal with a few millions photos already uploaded.
Did some Linux server administration work.
Created an admin panel for managing photos and users.
Technologies: PHP, Kohana, Redis, MySQL

2016 - 2016


Created an educational portal with video converting using Laravel.
Used MySQL and Amazon S3 for storing all application data.
Technologies: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, FFMpeg, Amazon S3, jQuery

2016 - 2016

P4 Global, LLC(remote)

Worked with a remote team to create an education portal.
Created various parts of the application, including complicated business-logic processes.
Created synchronization between the meeting arrangement system and the managers' Google calendars.
Implemented a front-end component with intensive API use (Vue.js).
Technologies: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Google API, Vue.js, Amazon S3, jQuery

2015 - 2016

Fujitsu GDC Russia

Supported retail software.
Created an analytics tool for a logistics company.
Supported an OLAP application for sales analysis.
Created automation tools for QA team.
Created working time management software.
Created a synchronization tool between retail software and self-service + electronic shelf labels systems.
Created an Android application for parking.
Technologies: C#, PHP, C++, Java, MS SQL, Oracle, ASP.NET MVC, Android

2009 - 2015

Gdeetotdom, LLC(remote)

Created a light version of a real estate portal.
Implemented some functionality of the main portal.
Technologies: PHP, Oracle, Kohana

2011 - 2012

Portal, LLC

Organized a small software development team to use SVN, bug trackers, code style standards, staging servers, and more.
Supported a PHP web framework for visual website creation.
Created a social network application with video, photos, blogs, etc.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL

2008 - 2009

Information Systems and Consulting

Created and supported a RAD tool for creating Windows+Oracle applications.
Created a medical web application with diagnostic tools integration.
Created cross-platform medical software.
Led a small group of software developers.
Technologies: C++, PHP, Oracle, wxWidgets

2003 - 2008


Kazan State University

Master's degree in Computer Engineering